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Jan 30

"Our experrience with Emmett Price and his team was a AAA++++." Max Anthony

Eagle Idaho Builder recognized for Construction Excellence.

Jan 30

The Laws That (eh-hem) Protect You

The laws on the books today to help protect your credit report and profile are written too vaguely and unclear. There is too much gray area and room for interpretation. Short answer...they don't work to protect you.

Jan 29

Top Ten Reason to Buy a New Home

Of, course you could buy used, but it is used.

Jan 28

Further Break down of Boise Subdivisions

Today BuildingCredibility.com is taking another look at how subdivisions are displayed. What if they not only broken into location but also categories- Townhomes & Condominiums, Entry Level Subdivisions (under 200), Move-Up Subdivisions (200-300), Upgrade Subdivsions (300-400), Executive Level Subdivisions (400-500) and Luxury Level Subdivisions (500+)? Let me know what you think!

Jan 27

Having your Home Builder tell you they are the best is like saying "I'm great in bed"

There's only one way to find out? And are you willing to make that mistake?


Jan 27

Top 2 reasons you should not use the internet to find Idaho Real Estate

Buying real estate is an emotional process but looking on the net is mostly analytical.

Jan 27

Prediction: There will only be 50 Boise Idaho builders in business in 2009

In 2008 only 93 bulders in Ada County pulled more than one permit. Here is a breakout of Boise Home Builder and how many permits they pulled first half vs second and total permits in 2008.

Jan 26

Is your Builder Registered, still?

One tool home owners have to protect themselves is Contractor Registration. Here is a look at who of the first builders to register has kept their registration current.

Jan 26

solar shading-what was I thinking? and I studied for this stuff!

well sometimes you think you got it figured out and then you pick up a article and find out that you really weren't as smart as you thought..just because i studied solar technology does not mean I make the right choices! Solar shading good summer-bad winter!! and I'm suposed to know what I'm doing....

Jan 24

Subdivision Lifestyle Characteristics Analysis

This is a chart that depicts what lifestyle a community is based on several different factors- Home Prices, square feet of home, lot size and lot price.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-10 of 1235
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★★★★★ 5 stars - "Our experience with Full Sail/ Build Idaho was great from start to finish! "