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Nov 17

Boise Home Builders

Meet the Boise Home Builders that influence design and innovation of new homes across Treasure Valley

Nov 16

Northeast Boise New Subdivisions

Looking East of Downtown Boise for a new home? Search new communities by lot size, lot prices and new NE Boise home values.

Nov 15

North Boise New Subdivisions

This week we researched new communities in the Boise North End. Updated lot prices and starting Boise home values.

Nov 13

Zach Evans on Custom Homes

What does you home look like? Use you imagination.

Nov 13

green remodel ready to submitt and certify

North end remodel ready to submitt for certification-this will be the first LEED H remodel in idaho and the first green certified remodel in the state. although we do have several more that might beat them there. one is located in..

Nov 12

A change in Boise starting home values

This week we have been updating the new subdivisions database and what starting home values are now lower compared to what they were. You knew that. Here is a comparison sampling of Boise starting home values by community and what they were no long ago.

Nov 12

Boise's best selling new communities

Everyone has an opinion of what the best new subdivisions are. Here is what the consumer voted for with their dollars.

Nov 11

Dont believe that Warranty work is something you worry about after the completion of your home

How a builder neglected to complete warranty issues after the homeowner moved in.

Nov 09

Boise Construction Tip

How to select a Framer.Taking correct steps early on  will make the end result better. For example, the foundation is critical!


Nov 09

green steel who knew??

just met with Alli reau Veau and got a real education on the steel market and just what is really green steel. Alli knows her stuff about the steel process and as the President of Steel IQ inc. their Naked Steel really defines what green is all about..

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 11-20 of 1584
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