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Mar 31

North Boise Idaho New Subdivisions

Looking for Boise new homes for sale and Boise building lots? MLS Area 100 updated. Subdivisions divided into categories with updated lot sizes, lot prices and starting home values. We are updating the interactive maps this week


Mar 30

The Secrets in a Hardware Finish

There are secrets in the hardware finish and how it is produced that many would NOT want you to know. Find out what they are.

Mar 29

What is the price per square foot of Boise Homes?

Here is a sampling of prices across Idaho.


Mar 29

Update on Idaho Starting Home Values

This weekend we have been updating starting home values for subdivisions listed on the site. Guess what? Many of them were reduced.

Mar 28

Boise Idaho North End Remodel Part II

Scott Flynn of Flynner homes completes demolition and prepares to start the construction phase.

Mar 27

What does Forbes have to say about Boise in 2009?

Just what they have been saying for years now- Idaho is a great place for business.

Mar 26

How long does it take to build a custom home?

This is an example template you could use to gauge how your project is coming along. This is based on normal. Not averages but normal. This should fit most homes. If you think it can be done quicker, more power to you.Iif you think it should take long to build a home maybe the schedule is not efficient enough.

Mar 25

Considering Idaho?

It is easy to live work and play here! All you need is time and some Idaho Real Estate.

Mar 25

Move-In Check list

On your Mark, Get Set---- Move in to your new Idaho home.

Mar 23

Should cities dictate minimum home size requirements?

 As many families are going back to basics and doing without excess expenditures, maybe it is time to take an honest look at cities requiring minimum sq. ft. requirements for new homes and minimum requirements for open space, etc.

Look at some of the older homes in the north end that people love and yet we can't build them today!  Even though I have not seen it in print anywhere, it is almost an unwritten law that if a developer tries to get a plat approved in Meridian that allows single family homes under 1,400 sq. ft. it won't get approved.  I remember when I first started with new home sales, they had plats allowing 900 sq. ft., then it moved to 1,000 to 1,100, etc.

Cities have increased landscaping requirements, open space requirements, larger lot sizes, etc. to the point that the developement fees and costs alone amount to about $35,000 in Ada County per lot!

Since I don't see that changing any time soon, it may be time for more condo plats consisting of entry level homes.  We don't really need any more high rise view condos downtown right now.  

Should the cities be the ones to decide if you have vinyl siding or not?  Should they dictate if the home is astetically correct or not?  Should they be able to say that only people that can afford a certain size home should be allowed to build a new home in their jurisdiction?  

I say absolutely not!  I am a firm believer in a fair market economy and know if people can afford something nicer, they will seek it out.  However, if they have to move to Melba or Middleton because they can't afford it here in Ada County and yet they drive to work tying up the interstate paying the money they saved on their homes on gasoline and vehicle upkeep and maintenance, did anyone really win?

What would have happened if the person that was allowed to build the one bedroom home I used to own while attending Boise State University wasn't allowed to have built it?  Would I have had to consider going to school somewhere else because I couldn't afford to live here?  Instead, that modest home allowed me a place to start and since then I have upgraded several times into my current home and rentals myself.


Jim Paulson, CRS, GRI - Owner / Broker - Progressive Realty Corporation



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