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Feb 22

Green buliding for the nations homes

I just had to comment on the NAHB green building program. saying that it will take over the LEED H Green Buidling Program by the USGBC is a comment that really does not need to be made. Comments like this are what can lead to limiting progress instead of increasing it, we can really exist together, and they are two really different programs with two differnt markets.....NAHB had to define green building to its builder members before it was defined for them-this is all good, but two really different programs with different goals...

Feb 21

Eight Important Things You Must Know BEFORE You Choose a Heating and Air Conditioning Company

and What Some Companies Don't Want You to Know!

Investing in a heating and air conditioning system is not just any ordinary purchase. Odds are you will keep and use your system for ten to fifteen years. In fact you probably won’t buy more than one or two systems in your lifetime. Anytime you make a sizable, long-term investment of your hard-earned money, you deserve to know the facts about the company and system you choose.Before you make your final decision about this important investment, you should ask the following eight questions when “interviewing” potential heating and air conditioning contractors:


Feb 21

Treasure Valley Market Report

When will it be normal?

Feb 21

$8,000 Tax Credit For First-Time Homebuyers

I'll take a quick break from credit scoring on my Blog, and break down the main points of the new $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers that President Obama signed into law this week.

Feb 21

Green building products used as a lure for homebuyer

From water-stingy toilets and electricity- sparing appliances, to flooring and siding made from sustainable materials, the housing industry is rolling out a trove of new, green products it hopes will lure homebuyers back into the market.

Feb 20

Credit Scoring 101

Today...a short list of answers to the most frequently asked questions I get about credit scores.

Feb 19

There's a new green certifier in town

There?s a new contender in town for green home certification, and Boise home builders say it will overtake the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standard in popularity.

Feb 19

When will it be safe to buy Idaho Real Estate?

Any real estate question must be broken into market segments. Let's look at Canyon County Real Estate- It has reached the bottom.

Feb 18

Tax Credits Boost incentives for Greening American Homes

Expanded tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements in the new economic stimulus package puts more money in consumers' pockets by providing financial incentive for home owners to go green on their renovation projects in 2009 and 2010. While more efficient homes save on water and energy bills, these tax credits will make such home upgrades even more affordable.

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