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Apr 19

Top10 things Homebuyers Should know

Do your research, know what you should buy and don't get a home half built.

Apr 18

Does it pay to do your homework in a buyer's market?

So I was researching some Eagle homes and started to look into Island Woods. If you are familiar with this subdivision I think we can all agree it is a finer Eagle Subdivision. The neighborhood has a great location, luxury homes and well designed. Check this Eagle community's home for sale.

Apr 16

Smithsonian Magazine highlights Boise, ID- Boise, Idaho: Big Skies and Colorful Characters

Doesn't everyone have traffic jams waiting for deer to cross the road on their way to the park?

Apr 16

Ada County's most active builders- first quarter 2009

There has not been a lot of activity for new construction but several have been building new homes in Ada County. Although new construction has been slow, people are still moving to Boise, ID or moving up to a new home.

Apr 14

Is now a good time to buy Idaho Real Estate? Why?

If anybody know about real estate Donald Trump would!

Apr 14

Looking for New communities in NW Boise

BuildIdaho.com recently updated this area including lot sizes, building lot prices in NW Boise and our interactive map of new subdivisions


Apr 13

FHA Mortgages for Energy Efficient Homes

THE ENERGY EFFICIENT MORTGAGE means comfort and savings. When you are buying, selling, refinancing, or remodeling your home, you can increase your comfort and actually save money by using the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM).

Apr 13

West Boise New Subdivisions

We updated this area recently, here are the results

Apr 10

Five Factors Of Credit Scoring -- How Much You Owe

30% of your credit score is calculated by looking at your debt ratio...or how much you owe creditors and how you manage that debt.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 16-25 of 1355
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