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May 31

Is your Idaho Realtor a Short Sale 'Expert"?

Just because they have done it once or even several times does not make them an expert. That sounds like 2005 when everyone was a Custom home builder.

May 29

The Planning Stages of Building a Home

Building a custom home is an exciting process, but careful planning is key to a successful project.

May 29

What is it like building with an Idaho Builder?

Do you have any idea what someone goes through building a home. BuildIdaho presents the first ever blog from the perspective of the future home owner.

May 29

What is the biggest mistakes people make when buying a new Idaho home?

My sister in law just made an offer and I had the chance to see how she handled everything and here are my top five mistakes she made and she in many ways could be just like you when buying Idaho Real Estate.

May 28

When building a home act like appraisers do.

The most important cost of a home is the lot price/ value.

May 27

Looking for the best priced lots in Treasure Valley

I was doing some research and I think I know where the best priced lots are. Learn more about Middleton Idaho Real Estate.

May 26

Home Improvement Marches On

An interesting set of statistics from a home service survey run last month.

May 26

What is the weakest link in building a home?

Of all the people who touch a home being built from designer to the person who signs the certificate of occupancy, who is the weakest link?

May 25

Choosing a Home Builder

The process of selecting a builder for our new family home.

May 24

Idaho Real Estate Update

What are idaho industry professionals saying?

Entries 1-10 of 1393
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