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Jul 17

Peace-of-mind punch list for New Construction Home Buyers

10 items to assess the soundness of your new-home builder

Jul 16

Idaho Green Expo

This weekend at the Centre on the Grove in downtown Boise.


Jul 16

Idaho Building Lots

Large assortment starting at $11,500

Jul 15

What does Idaho Real Estate look like?

Yesterday, I was asked what the Idaho style home looks like? Do you know?

Jul 13

What is the next obstacle facing new construction in Boise, ID?

Currently it is foreclosures, REO's and short sales but another problem is lurking on the horizon.

Jul 12

Interested in Idaho Homes for Sale by Builder

INventory for new homes has been depleting for quite a while but there is still a large selction of new homes

Jul 11

Boise Idaho Home Builder Directory

Need a New Idaho Home. You'll need an Idaho Home Builder. Check out this directory- it rocks!

Jul 10

When the Paint Hits the Siding

We made our exterior paint choices several weeks ago, but when the paint hit the siding the results were less than desirable.

Jul 10

How much does it cost a builder to build a house per square foot?

This is one of the most common questions I get and I received two this week so I was hoping for some help from you about Idaho construction costs.

Jul 09

Boise Idaho Real Estate Statistic

How many people are priced out of buying a home for every $1,000 increase in a home's price?

Entries 11-20 of 1458
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