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Jul 08

Working With a Reputable Builder Helps You Focus on the Important Things

The building process can take its toll on you. Always remember to keep things in perspective.This is why it is important to work with a reputable builder.

Jul 07

Use ALL Types of Credit...Wisely!

10% of your credit score comes from the mix of your credit accounts. You must prove that you can manage multiple types of credit.

Jul 06

Boise- Nampa Idaho noted as Top cites for pay increases

Forbes notes Boise (again) as a great place to work!

Jul 05

Idaho Green Expo 2009

Is Idaho Real Estaete getting greener? The 2009 Idaho Green Expo will feature 150 exhibitors showcasing their ?green? products and services. Come and connect with others, find resources, and get in on the latest green technologies.

Jul 03

Idaho Real Estate Update

What is the pulse of the ID Real Estate Market?

Jul 02

Boise Short Sales

I received a listing of Boise area short sales from a bank. Some are home builder owned properties and some are bank owned properties.

Jul 02

Credit Scoring -- Length of History is IMPORTANT!

This next portion of your credit score I will discuss accounts for 15% of your credit history. Read on!

Jun 29

What is the #1 question people who decide to buy or build a new home ask?

Okay money is probably the #1 question, but what is the second?

Jun 29

Who are you?

Because we are not a store and do not get to meet our visitors other then analytical reports, we were wondering who you are? Other than we assume you are interested in Idaho Real Estate?

Entries 21-30 of 1458
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