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Aug 31

Looking for something new but don't want a hole house

Ambleside is an English village in Boise. Inspired by the art and architecture of the Georgian period, this sixty-seven townhome community is the result of a commitment to capturing the essence and unique environment of the most beautiful towns in England

Aug 30

The next evolution of Idaho Real estate and new homes for sale-

Idaho Real Estate is shifting again- I am making a prediction.

Aug 28

Credit Inquiries -- Tips To Improve Your Scores

How can you improve your credit scores with regard to credit inquiries? Read on!

Aug 28

The definition of a 'home builder' is changing

Is your builder a company or a hobby builder? The difference is subtle. They both do it for profit but one intends to build a business while the other will turn and run at the first sign of trouble.

Aug 27

2009 Boise Fall Collection of Homes Update

This year's show is the first three weekends in October.

Aug 27

Meet Steve Hanson of Syringa Construction

Syringa Construction is a successful builder in Boise, ID. Meet the builder and hear his story.


Aug 27

Cityside Lotfs Absolute Auction

5 New condos WILL SELL to the Highest Bidder with No Minimum & No Reserve September 12th.

Aug 26

solar hot water is the time now?

so just checking to see what the comments might generate on solar hot water systems. This is actually one of the better uses of money for solar power but all I see or hear about here in idaho is PV. Why is that? does idaho power and intermountain gas care? where are we headed?

Aug 26

Learn more about the North Boise Condos and Lofts real estate market

Meet Bryant Forrester, the most connected guy in North Boise.

Aug 25

Meet Boise's newest Condo Project

The Gem Noble has its grand opening next week. Take a tour with Bryant Forrester of Urban Concepts before these loft units go on sale.

Entries 1-10 of 1490
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