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Aug 25

New Home Ownership is a higher level of pride- just ask any Idaho new home owner

What is the difference between owning a new home and an used one? There is the obvious but there is also pride!

Aug 24

Flynner Homes Green Home Update

Featured on Channel 6 news

Aug 18

The Seven Sins of Greenwashing

My prediction is Green is the new Mold. What I mean is the green movement will be the legal system's next gold mine, just like the mold issues were of just a few years ago. Here are seven reasons why the green consumer marketing industry will soon find them selves in trouble unless they fully cover their rear.

Aug 18

James Clyde Custom Homes builds Award Winning Parade Homes that clients want more of

This testimonials is amazing. The client had an award winning Parade home and sold it so James Clyde could build them another one!

Aug 17

James Clyde Homes Testimonial from Sutherland Farms

We have built three homes. This was by far the best experience we had. Be sure you have a solid agreement with the builder before you begin and choose a builder you are comfortable with. You have to trust your builder or you will have a stressful and unpleasant experience."

Aug 17

Green building mandates or codes coming our way

i attended a meeting or green buidling collalition the other day to talk about promoting green building and moving the industry forward to more green homes. while this is a great thing to work for, i was a little put back by the comments from some of the group to get code or mandates to promote green building-ugghhh!!!

Aug 16

It does not matter if it is a short sale or foreclosure property

Some people are in the market for Idaho Real Estate but won't consider anything but a short sale? Every Home is a short sale!

Aug 13

Searching for a new home is not often described as 'fun'

While it is exciting, it is also stressful work.

Aug 12

Credit Inquiries -- They Matter!

Consumers are bombarded daily with offers of new credit. With 10% of your credit score at stake, taking advantage of these "special offers" does nothing good (or special) for your credit score.

Entries 11-20 of 1491
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