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Aug 12

Quick Hits: Where Are We At in the Beller Home Construction Project?

Building a home can be an enjoyable experience, but it's a roller coaster ride as you'll see in these "quick hits".

Aug 10

If it is such a great community, does the developer, realtor or builder live there?

Where does your Home Builder, Realtor or Idaho Developer live?

Aug 09

The perfect new home for you might not be built yet

There are a lot of advantages to building a new home, including customization, flexibility of design and the ability to make your home environmentally friendly.

Aug 09

Do it Yourself, Hire it Out - The Choice is Yours

They say time is money. That's true when it comes to the people you hire, but what about you? Isn't your time worth money too?

Aug 08

Got Buildability?

Working with a financial advisor will help you understand how much you can buy, a credible builder will tell you how much you can afford.

Aug 08

August Idaho Real Estate update

The Idaho Real Estate market is always in transition and the latest shift in sales and inventory reflects consumers buying homes again.

Aug 06

Home Builder Warranty

A builder's warranty is an important part of any new home purchasing decision. What a warranty says and the ability to get warranty work completed should not be overlooked.

Aug 06

Building Materials Bankruptcy Inventory Liquidation

If you are a builder or looking to Build a home and want discounted building materials, check this out.

Aug 05

The Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act -- July 30, 2009

A major change regarding time it takes to close a mortgage transaction has been implemented...for those of you EVER planning on pursuing mortgage financing in the future.

Aug 04

What Type of Home Builder are you looking for?

If you think finding one you just like a lot is the best way to find your builder, you may be a little dumb.

Entries 21-30 of 1491
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