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Jan 30

Boise Home Builder Video Interviews

Want to meet your Home Builder online. Here are video interviews with builders across Boise Valley.


Jan 28

2009 Boise New Home Values

Learn more about Condominium and Single Family Home values across Treasure Valley. Research average sales price and price per square by subdivision, and Boise Home Builder.

Jan 26

What are the most popular homes in Boise Idaho?

The latest Boise real estate trends for new homes for sale.

Jan 25

The Business of Building - Part 2

Welcome to the second in my series of blog posts on the Business of Building. We started Part 1 with a quiz. I asked what the average Net Profit for a Builder is in a normal market. The correct answer was C. 3.7% to 8.7%. That was based on the National Association of Home Builders 2004 Cost of Doing Business Study. Here is today?s quiz. In 2008, what was the average Net Profit for a Builder? Was it A. 11.0% to 20.0% B. 14.4% to 15.1% C. 0.0% to 4.4% D. -3.7% to -1.4%

Jan 25

2009 Top Treasure Valley Builders

Boise Valley Builders ranked by permits and values. Since 2005, the consumer has become much more interested in learning more about a builder. Not only do they need to have the proper licensing and insurance but also experience. How much experience did builders around the valley receive last year. Find out!

Jan 23

Nampa Idaho Home Values

Latest Trend Charts detailing how home values across Nampa are changing, From 2005 by quarter Nampa Idaho Home values

Jan 20

Principles to building a better home

Planning ahead is the smart start

Jan 17

What to know about Boise Idaho Building Lots

Subdivision Amenities, Location, Price, Dimensions and Size are the most important elements when selecting a building lot.

Jan 16

Research Boise Valley Schools

Education is a big part of families deciding where to move. This ought to help you lean more about Boise Idaho Schools

Jan 14

How to determine if your Boise realtor is credible?

Whether you need a listing agent or a buyer's representative getting a professional Idaho Realtor is critical.

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