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Dec 07

The End of the McMansion? One Expert's Opinion

I have read several articles regarding this topic in the past several weeks. Trey provided his Top Ten Reasons to buy the right size home (as opposed to a McMansion) in his blog on October 10th. It was also the subject of NAHB?s Chief Economist David Crowe?s article in the October edition of Builder magazine and it was the cover article in the November edition. Will the trend to smaller-sized homes persist?

Dec 03

2010 Boise Parade of Homes

It is not till next Spring still but expect about 30 homes in the Ada County Parade of Homes

Dec 03

The End of the McMansion?

The size of new homes in the U.S. increased about 20 square feet per year from 1973 (the first year the Census Bureau began tracking new home size). In 1973, the median size of a new single-family home in the U.S. was just over 1,500 square feet. The median size peaked in 2007 at 2,309 square feet, an increaseof 54%. The median size has declined almost 10% since then. Will the trend to smaller-sized homes persist?

Dec 03

Mortgage Rates At All-Time Low Levels Again

Mortgage rates are great...but how long will they stay this low?

Dec 02

Boise Idaho Home Values

Take a look at how Boise Home Values have changed since 2005. Notice that not only have home values have been reset but that the price of Boise new homes is now on top of existing home values.

Nov 30

What is the best virtue for finding Boise new homes for sale?

Patience. Take your time. Find the right community. Find the right floorplan. Find the right builder.

Nov 24

Is Bidding Good for Consumers?

Although it may appear advantageous, a client's request for multiple bids on their new custom home or remodel is not always in their best interest. It makes sense at first, but there are some compelling reasons why a potential client should resist the temptation to create this competition.

Nov 23

Best Lighting Prices in Boise

Benjamin Street Home Decor Store got a truckload of lights at less than wholesale prices. If you need lights for you home come check out these deals. They are also higher end lights.

Nov 23

Recovery Through Retrofit' Can Allow Green Builders to Shine, NAHB Says

This is an update to my blog ?Home Remodels, Retrofits Are Key To An Energy-Efficient Future,? in which I noted that the greatest energy savings can be achieved by making changes to existing housing, particularly homes built before 1990.

Nov 22

Cabinetry Quality

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples....Learn more about Idaho Cabinet makers and what to look for in qulaity.

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