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Nov 21

Builder Standard Amenities

Not long ago granite became a standard amenity in all homes, today I found a home where the media controller is standard, media meaning a panel in walls throughout the house to control sound and more.

Nov 20

Idaho Remodeler Awards

On November 13th the NARI of Idaho, held their annual awards banquet to recognize those in the remodeling industry that have served with excellence. Awards included recognition of suppliers/vendors, trade contractors and remodelers.

Nov 20

North end home certified Platnum USGBC LEED for Homes

Way cool Just got fomral word North end home12th and Heron just awarded LEED Platnum by the USGBC. this was a great example of a Green home in Boise's North End neighborhood. you might think platnum level is hard but not so..

Nov 20

Building Cost Increase!

Building Costs have bottomed for the forseeable future. Talking to framers they have raised numbers up so they can at least put some food on the table. They are still working for wages basically but prices have gone up .15 to .50 cents per foot. Material prices continue to rise. 7/16 OSB was as low as $5.90 a sheet this summer today Random Length Print is 215/m Portland meaning COST into Boise is over $7 a sheet. My guess wholesale costs will top $8 a sheet by the end of the year. Lumber is in the same boat. A 15% to 20% increase in comodity framing cost is not out of the question over the next couple of months. Stay tuned this could get ugly. Material price have been close or at record lows (lower than wood costs 30 years ago) and mills can not afford to keep loosing money. The market has changed from a (weak) Demand driven market driving prices down to a (short) Supply driven market where enough mills have closed or don't have the raw materials to produce product profitably

Nov 20

Think Twice Before Paying With Plastic

Have you received the letter from your credit card issuer telling you about the double-digit increase in your interest rate yet?

Nov 17

Boise Home Builders

Meet the Boise Home Builders that influence design and innovation of new homes across Treasure Valley

Nov 16

Northeast Boise New Subdivisions

Looking East of Downtown Boise for a new home? Search new communities by lot size, lot prices and new NE Boise home values.

Nov 15

North Boise New Subdivisions

This week we researched new communities in the Boise North End. Updated lot prices and starting Boise home values.

Nov 13

Zach Evans on Custom Homes

What does you home look like? Use you imagination.

Nov 13

green remodel ready to submitt and certify

North end remodel ready to submitt for certification-this will be the first LEED H remodel in idaho and the first green certified remodel in the state. although we do have several more that might beat them there. one is located in..

Entries 51-60 of 1629
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