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Oct 31

2011 Boise St. Judes Dream Home Groundbreaking

Not long ago Boise drew the winner of the the 2010 Boise St. Judes Dream Home and it is now time to start the next one

Oct 30

How important is price per square foot in lookiong at Boise homes for sale?

If you are researching Idaho Real Estate is a good # to understand but for actually buying a home, not so much.

Oct 29

Boise St. Judes 2011 Dream Home Groundbreaking

It was a perfect morning as a small group of about 40 gathered to celebrate Flynner Homes starting another Dream Home.

Oct 26

Top 10 Ways to increase your home's efficiency

Designing your home is an incredible experience. Making it more affordable to live in is common sense

Oct 26

History of Boise, Idaho- The City of Trees

The land that would become Boise, Idaho, is thought to have been discovered by a group of French Canadian fur trappers. In the 19th century, these explorers looked over Bonneville Point and were immediately impressed with the land's expanse of trees. Today, the city is still commonly referred to as "The City of Trees."


Oct 21

Idaho ENERGY STAR Home of the Week- Creekside Custom Homes

You may recognize this home from the Parade of Homes. This home is in Copper Basin in Northeast Meridian, ID

Oct 21

Ada County Home Value Trends

Chart displays average sales price of homes in Ada County sold by quarter since 2005. Hear you can clearly see the drivet o the peak of the market and how prices have fallen since. The report includes breakout charts that identitfy home value for each area.

Oct 20

Recent NEW Idaho Homes Certified ENERGY STAR

Want a new home? Here is a list of recently certified ENERGY STAR Homes.

Oct 20

Canyon County (Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton) Home Value Trends

As you can see Canyon County home values have decreased dramatically since they peaked in 2007. This chart is average sales prices of homes by quarter sonce 2005. This report includes detailed charts of each area within Canyon County ID.


Oct 20

October 2010 Top Idaho Home Builders

Which idaho home builders build the most homes? Check out the latest #'s of who is building. In a tight market experience is critical and knowing which builders do the most volume also lends credibility to their business skills and financial stability.

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