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Dec 30

Attention Boise Condominium Buyers

Here is the summary of a variety of condominiums in downtown Boise.

Dec 28

Idaho Registered Master Builders

Looking for an Idaho Home Builder with the Registered Master Builder credentials? Learn more about who these builders.

Dec 26

Dec 20

What is the difference between a master planned community and a subdivision?

When, considering the purchasing a new home in a new community, here are some things you should know.

Dec 20

How much does it cost to build a home in Meridian Idaho?

Before you put concrete in or even one 2x4 up, it costs over $11,000 just to tell the City of Meridian you are going to build.

Dec 20

Where to view Christmas homes in Boise

Wow, we have viewed so may homes with decorated lights this year. Tis the season to light the night with decorated homes.

Dec 18

Who is building in Soutnern Idaho?

Here is a list of builders and how many permits they have pulled. It is just based on September and October.

Dec 18

What type of home shopper are you?

Determining how you buy a home can also be a helpful step in finding a great home. It can help you find better information or not make an irrational decision about Idaho real estate.

Dec 16

Meet John Flaherty of Flaherty Custom Homes

In an effort to bring you the best information about buying and building new homes, this week we interviewed John Flaherty about his company. Here is the rest of the story....


Dec 13

2010 Idaho Real Estate Report

What were the building trends of 2010 for Idaho Real Estate. There were 3.

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