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Feb 15

What did home owners pay for new homes across Boise Idaho in 2009?

Boise Idaho New Home sales report by subdivision

Feb 15

How to Choose a Faucet

Choosing a faucet can be difficult and overwhelming.

Feb 13

Idaho Distressed Propert Report

How are Boise Short Sales, Foreclosures and REO's looking?

Feb 13

Meridian Idaho Business climate- an interview with Mayor Tammy de Weerd

If you are planning to move your family and business to Meridian, ID, listen to what the Meridian Mayor has to say about her thriving town.


Feb 11

2009 Top Producing Boise/ Ada County Home Builders

Which builders from Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian and Star built the most homes?

Feb 10

Boise Idaho Population trend chart

What does Boise MSA Population growth look like?

Feb 09

Meridian Idaho

An overview by the numbers

Feb 09

Welcome to Meridian, Idaho

Who is the most knowledgeable person about Meridian Idaho? Has to be Mayor Tammy de Weerd

Feb 08

Is your Boise Home Buidler thriving, just barely breathing, hibernating or even alive?

Selecting a builder based on how they are doing as a company

Feb 08

Construction Worker Rated the 8th Worst Job

The headline read ?Construction Worker Rated the 8th Worst Job.? Being a Builder who started out as construction worker, I just had to investigate further. Here is what I found.

Entries 11-20 of 1653
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