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Mar 30

How to save money building a new home without sacrificing anything!

Building a home is not the hardest part, it is in the planning phase that you have the best opportunity to save money.

Mar 28

What does your Boise home builder really offer as part of buying a home from them?

Don't get sucked into a sales pitch with fluff? Top four things many builders use as a value add but it are not!

Mar 26

First Multi family Energy Star and LEED H certified building-Platnum no less!!

just got word back from USGBC Thomas Developement project in Chubbucl Idaho Cardona Senior Housing project certified at platnum level for the USGBC LEED for Homes program!! Also the fist Energy Star Certified buidling in the state! certified by ON Point LLC yours truly-exciting. what did it take to get there? less than you think

Mar 25

How much does it cost to build a home?

These are the most commonly asked questions if you are considering building a new custom or semi-custom home.


Mar 25

Make your new home more energy efficient by getting the right upgrades

Energy upgrades are critical during construction to save you money on utility bills and increased the comfort a great home. Building Upgrades into your home during construction is also, many times, less expensive than retro-fitting.

Mar 24

Boise Idaho is one of the most moved to states

Americans are always moving; however, if you look carefully, there are patterns to where we are going. Each year, United Van Lines tracks the inbound and outbound movements of households of their customers within the continental United States and the District of Columbia. In 2009, the annual "migration" study tracked over 143,000 interstate household moves. The destinations are high-inbound locations, ranked from highest to lowest based on the percentage of inbound moves.

Mar 23

How to increase the value of the home without paying additional for it

In a competitive environment, everyone competes on price so the competitive edge for many companies is service. Do you know who offers the best service in Boise Idaho?

Mar 23

Top Four things you need to know about Boise Realtors

Finding a Realtor is easy, finding a true professional is not as easy. Most Boise Realtors are simply interested in selling you a home.

Mar 19

Boise Home Builder Video Interveiws

Meet the Boise Home Builders that design and innovate new homes

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