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Jan 08

2010 Parade of Homes for Boise

The next Boise Home Show is coming quickly

Jan 08

What type of Home are you searching for

Defining what type of home you want will help define how to best spend your time.

Jan 07

Are You Waiting to Buy or Build? Don?t Wait Too Long.

For the 80 percent of home buyers who need a mortgage to buy a home, the two major factors that determine affordability are mortgage interest rates and house prices. It appears that many buyers have been waiting for home prices to fall further while hoping that mortgage interest rates will remain at their current lows hovering around 5%.

Jan 07

New year 2010 time to make a plan

This won't be my usual blog, but hopefully it will change your life! i want to encourage everyone to go to www.successmagazine.com and register for the "Plan out the Next 10 years of your life" program. with all the talk about the economy, politics, and just general poor news stories, many people have missed.....

Jan 06

2010 Boise Home Buyers Guide

What do you want to know about thhe Boise Real Estate Market. We have all the New Construction information. Soon you could too.

Jan 04

Boise Idaho Professional Realtors

Idaho Real Estate has gone virtual but your Boise realtor should not. 10 Things you should expect

Jan 04

Boise Idaho Real Estate Update

What does BuildIdaho.com have in store for 2010? We like to think we are at the forefront of helping people find the best information about Boise new homes for sale and builders but it is always about the next level.

Jan 01

The Business of Building - Part 1

Welcome to the first in my series of blog posts on the Business of Building. Let?s start with a quiz. In a normal market, what is the average Net Profit for a Builder? Is it A. 21% to 30% B. 17.3% to 20.9% C. 3.7% to 8.7% D. -5% to 0%

Dec 30

Very Cool Product...Had to share

Wow Wall Decals on Etsy.com.

I had seen these wall decals in various places but recently came across an on-line store for them.  These vinyl decals are easily stick to flat and slightly textured surfaces.  They are easily removed without damaging the surface or leaving glue, etc. behind.


Dec 28

Boise Idaho's most popular feature- The Greenbelt

It is a little cold this time of the year but if you want to get out and explore Boise check out this great path that follows the Boise River.

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