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May 31

What makes an Idaho property the right property for you?

If it were a science, emotions would not play the largest part in finding your Idaho home.

May 29

It's Saturday morning, do you know where your house is?

5 tips to find a great house that you can enjoy for years to come. Remember if you buy a house for a home to enjoy instead of an investment, you will make a better decision.


May 28

5 things you should know about your new home purchase

Buying a new home can stressful but understanding what is going on can help.

May 28

Rain Rain and more Rain-are your gutters clean? is the crawl space wet?

With all the rain and our experience on water in the crawl space i have been looking at gutters lately-wow they are full of junk, leaves, dirt, plants, even saw a tree growing out of one!! time to clean them out, but who do you call? ...

May 26

When to purchase a home based on the Idaho Real Estate Market Conditions

Trick question. You will never know when the market hit the bottom and it does not matter what the market is doing, there is always a good deal out there if that is the home you are looking for.

May 26

How to make your new home superior to every other home in the subdivision.

Make it extreme- starting with the pool. I found this new product that I think is great. It would allow an old guy like me to be as extreme as the kids and not get hurt.

May 26

How to make the best offer on Idaho Real Estate

What should you do to make the best offer on the home for sale that want to buy?

May 20

The Nampa Parade of Homes

Beginning June 11th to the 27th the Snake River Valley Building Contractors Association will put on the annual home show. It is a Canyon County event and homes will be on display from Nampa to Caldwell and Middleton.

May 20

Make sure your Boise Realtor does not treat you like a dumbass?

I was reviewing Boise Idaho Real Estate advertisements and I just hope prospective home buyers are smarter than some of the ads imply you are not.

May 20

Solar attic fans-Good idea? or are we just selling?

So solar attic fans are on the hot list now and HVAC companies all over town are selling them, so whats to know right just slap it on the roof and away the heat goes?? Well not really.....

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