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Jun 16

Canyon County Idaho has grown since 1904. People from all over the world have come here.

Maybe they read this article describing the area from 1904. Interesting how the world has changed. Perception is everything!

Jun 14

Who will build your home?

Did you know that most builders will not actually build your home? Most builders are general contractors that hire subs to do the actual construction.

Jun 13

Idaho Real Estate Attitude

Reading some descriptions of Idaho homes for sale and building lots on the MLS I was pessimistic.

Jun 09

Where to begin when building a custom home for your family

What your home builder or architect want to know to help you bring the design from your mind onto paper

Jun 08

Build Idaho's Seven Principles to building a better home

Building a home is a hard job and takes lots of work. Here are some tips.

Jun 08

Canyon County 2010 Parade of Homes starts this weekend

Nampa Idaho's spring home show starts this weekend. Looking at new homes in Canyon County. Check out what the latest Nampa Home Builders are building.

Jun 07

Where does value start with Idaho Real Estate?

The answer is your building lot. If you pay too much, don't get the right size or dimensions or it faces the wrong way you won't get the highest value.

Jun 05

What makes a subdivision great?

You are trying to find a place to call home and there are so many choices and really most of them are the same so how do you decide which one?

Jun 04

Reuse and Recycling Tips for Builders

Builders can save money, prevent waste and appeal to environmentally conscious homeowners when they reuse and recycle common job site materials.

Jun 03

How does Boise Idaho Rank compared to other cites

This is a list of top 10's that are interesting but not really helpful, unless you are really bored

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