2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 26-35 of 1796
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Jul 07

Boise Bench Subdivisions Updated

Our most recent survey of new subdivisions is completed for Ada County. Locate new communities in Boise's Bench area including building lot sizes.

Jul 07

Idaho Real Estate Headlines

I know that I walk in the circles that people talk about real estate but it is also a topic that many people like to follow. It is somewhat like the stock market- is it up, is it down what is going to happen? Most people have an opinion about home values and where it is headed.

Jul 04

What do buyers want in a green home?

The2010 AVID Home Design Driver Research Survey provides some insight into what features today?s home buyers equate with a green home.

Jul 03

The Ebb and Flow of Idaho Real Etate

Idaho like any Real Estate is cyclical and summer is actually a slower time forhome builders and sellers. If you are looking in Boise Idaho at homes for sale now may be good time again for home buyers to snae a deal.

Jul 01

Boise Subdivision Plat Maps

Why do sites provide this bit of information?

Jun 29

The Shores Subdivsion

Eagle Idaho's luxury community including views, open space, ponds, waterfalls and nature.

Jun 29

Idaho Real Estate Searches

One of the Unique features on Build Idaho is featured MLS Searches. Drill down in your search to a particular type of Idaho home.

Jun 26

Idaho Real Estate- The Pursuit of Happiness

Start your home search online and the get our there.

Jun 23

Cheap Idaho Real Estate Agent compared to Expensive Boise Realtors

How much more will it cost you to hire a professional vs and inexperienced real agent who is going to use as part of their learning curve.

Jun 23

Only 3,700 Tickets left for your chance at Idaho Real Estate for $100

St. Judes Dream Home drawing is just days away and there are too many tickets left.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 26-35 of 1796
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