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May 20

The Nampa Parade of Homes

Beginning June 11th to the 27th the Snake River Valley Building Contractors Association will put on the annual home show. It is a Canyon County event and homes will be on display from Nampa to Caldwell and Middleton.

May 20

Make sure your Boise Realtor does not treat you like a dumbass?

I was reviewing Boise Idaho Real Estate advertisements and I just hope prospective home buyers are smarter than some of the ads imply you are not.

May 20

Solar attic fans-Good idea? or are we just selling?

So solar attic fans are on the hot list now and HVAC companies all over town are selling them, so whats to know right just slap it on the roof and away the heat goes?? Well not really.....

May 19

If it is such a good buy why is it still available?

Researching MLS Listings this morning and found several trying to promote the listing as a great deal, bargain or even a steal. Really?

May 19

How many new Subdivisions are in Treasure Valley Idaho?

Build Idaho is updating the new community database. This includes every subdivision with lots or new homes available. Our latest research found .......

May 17

May is National Remodeling Month

Did you know that May is National Remodeling Month? Since the downturn in new residential construction that began in 2007, the media has been focusing on the number of new starts as the key indicator of the health of the residential construction industry. But focusing on the number of starts ignores an increasingly important component of residential construction ? remodeling.

May 14

RADON coming to a home near you

Boise has not mandated testing radon yet even though we are on the border of the zone 1 and 2 radon areas in the US. Zone 1 requires radon preventive construction, zone 2 does not. well here are the results of the last five homes we tested....not good.....

May 14

Boise St. Judes Dream Home

It has been an incredible start to th 2010 St Judes Dream Home Campaign in Boise and it is now headed in to the last 6 weeks. As a reminder, tickets are LIMITED for this incredible campaign. Please encourage potential ticket buyers to purchase their ticket early! Thank you for all your support and all that you do for St. Jude and the Boise Dream Home campaign!

May 13

Idaho Energy Star Builder Report

Home Many Idaho Energy Star homes did Boise Energy Star Home Builders Construct?

May 12

Boise Idaho Real Estate Report- When will it be normal?

Welcome to our quarterly national, local, and home building and related industries economic analysis and forecast for Ada and Canyon Counties. This analysis is of the 1st quarter of 2010.

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