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Apr 28

Ten easy ways to improve the ALLURE of your home for sale.

They say people buy on emotion. Indeed, buying the right home is a very personal endeavor. It has to have the right feel for the right buyer; it needs to feel like home. Popeye used to say ?I am what I am.? Likewise our dilemma when selling our home is often; ?it is what it is? and that may not be as pretty as we would like. So if we have a limited budget and want to make our home more alluring without breaking the bank, what options do we have?

Apr 27

Reason #27 to work with Credible Boise Realtors

Closing. Boise real estate agents do not get paid until the deal is closed. Are you sure your realtor is working on your behalf or could it be they are self serving?

Apr 26

Boise Idaho Recognized as #25 city for business and careers

Yes, Boise has been ranked nationally for years but in hte last two years not as often so we were glad to see Boise recognized again.

Apr 26

Four Mistakes Home Buyers Make when buying Idaho Real Estate

It is always the simple things that trip home buyers up.

Apr 24

Boise Parade Home Video Tour

It is our first video of the 2010 Boise Parade of Homes. Parade Starts next Saturday.

Apr 22

Flynner Homes Recognized for Construction Excellence

"Scott Flynn and his team put together an awesome home. Better than I imagined it would be. The attention to detail shows a real pride in their work." Mike Fisch, Boise

Apr 21

Canyon County Idaho Real Estate Report

Review Home value trends across Caldwell, Middleton and Nampa Idaho.


Apr 20

Lakemoor Community Aerial

What does Lakemoor look like from a couple hundred feet up in the air? This Eagle Subdivision looks great.


Apr 20

Boise Idaho Home Value Trend Charts

How has the average sales price of new and existing home values changed across Boise Idaho. View quarterly average sales prices by MLS Area across Boise Valley

Apr 19

Boise Idaho Real Estate Report

Take a look at the average sales price of new and existing homes from 2005 to 2010 by quarter. Boise New Homes values are now equal to existing home values, on average.

Entries 91-100 of 1796
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