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Aug 31

Attention Boise Real Estate and Construction Specialists

Certified Aging in Place Specialist Course being offered in September by BCASWI.

Aug 31

Why buy a new home?

So you are considering buying a home but not not sure if a new home is the best choice. Consider this-

Aug 31

Why Boise Idaho?

If you are not from Boise you may be wondering what the fuss is all about? There is this little school with a football team that is probably the most talked about team in the country for their accomplishments. There are these endless recognitions from major media sources setting the record for Best Place to Live Work and Play. What could be so great about a city in the middle of a desert? Of course, that?s what they said about Las Vegas years ago as well.

Aug 30

Energy Star Tips for New Homes

If you want and energy efficient home ENERGY STAR is the most recognized certification of a home. Here are some tips on making your home better.

Aug 29

Northeast Boise opens new community- River Heights at Barber Valley

River Heights is the newest phase of Harris Ranch located in NE Boise. Developed by Brighton Corporation, one of Idaho?s largest real estate developers, River Heights offers many unique amenities:


Aug 27

What Home Buyers Really Want

Before the economic turn McMansions were the rage. Now people are more concerned about value. Value is a facet of cost but is more intrinsic and amenity built.

Aug 25

Attn Idaho Real Estate and New Construction Professionals

The local Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho is offering a new course- Home Construction as a Selling Tool coming Sept. 29 & 30.

Aug 25

Why do people buy new homes?

If you watch the news or read economic forecasts regarding Idaho Real Estate you would think no is buy a home, much less a new home.

Aug 24

Boise Fall Parade of Homes

Formerly the Fall Collection of Homes, the 2010 Boise Fall Parade of Homes is coming soon. What are the latest designs, floorplans and amenities for new homes? Find out in October. Here is the list of participating Southwestern Idaho home builders

Aug 23

Improved insulation increases energy-efficiency

Insulation is a key element in building a more comfortable and energy efficient home in Boise, Idaho or elsewhere.


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