2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 6-15 of 1825
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Aug 27

What Home Buyers Really Want

Before the economic turn McMansions were the rage. Now people are more concerned about value. Value is a facet of cost but is more intrinsic and amenity built.

Aug 25

Attn Idaho Real Estate and New Construction Professionals

The local Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho is offering a new course- Home Construction as a Selling Tool coming Sept. 29 & 30.

Aug 25

Why do people buy new homes?

If you watch the news or read economic forecasts regarding Idaho Real Estate you would think no is buy a home, much less a new home.

Aug 24

Boise Fall Parade of Homes

Formerly the Fall Collection of Homes, the 2010 Boise Fall Parade of Homes is coming soon. What are the latest designs, floorplans and amenities for new homes? Find out in October. Here is the list of participating Southwestern Idaho home builders

Aug 23

Improved insulation increases energy-efficiency

Insulation is a key element in building a more comfortable and energy efficient home in Boise, Idaho or elsewhere.


Aug 22

Tell Your Boise Idaho Home Builder how to save money building your new home

Check out the latest building techniques. The latest evolution of new construction is manufactured building components

Aug 21

Search Boise Idaho Homes for Sale

One of the many special features of Build Idaho is specialized searches. We have created several specified real estate searches to help you quickly identify specific types of Idaho property.

Aug 20

Warning- Your Home Builder may have issues

Yesterday I was reviewing a list of builders that are building homes in Boise Idaho and I was blown away.

Aug 17

Video Tour of Paramount Subdivision with Kristi Knowles from Woodhouse Group Real Estate

Take a tour with Kristi Knowles from The Woodhouse Group of Paramount-one of Meridian, Idaho's best selling communities.


Aug 16

What are the two most important facts in selecting a new community?

Selecting a new community is not something you throw a dart at the wall at to decide. It is more like buying a car and finding the right dealership.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 6-15 of 1825
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