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Aug 22

Tell Your Boise Idaho Home Builder how to save money building your new home

Check out the latest building techniques. The latest evolution of new construction is manufactured building components

Aug 21

Search Boise Idaho Homes for Sale

One of the many special features of Build Idaho is specialized searches. We have created several specified real estate searches to help you quickly identify specific types of Idaho property.

Aug 20

Warning- Your Home Builder may have issues

Yesterday I was reviewing a list of builders that are building homes in Boise Idaho and I was blown away.

Aug 17

Video Tour of Paramount Subdivision with Kristi Knowles from Woodhouse Group Real Estate

Take a tour with Kristi Knowles from The Woodhouse Group of Paramount-one of Meridian, Idaho's best selling communities.


Aug 16

What are the two most important facts in selecting a new community?

Selecting a new community is not something you throw a dart at the wall at to decide. It is more like buying a car and finding the right dealership.

Aug 16

Where are the jobs?

Two of the biggest issues facing this country today are unemployment and energy. Our elected officials seem to think that the solution to both is developing emerging renewable energy technology. I disagree.

Aug 15

Home Inspectors- Do they scare your home builder?

Many people think home inspectors are too expensive when they pay the bill and nothing wrong is found, just as they expected. Then there are others who get saved by the local home inspector for finding that major imperfection.

Aug 14

Idaho Real Estate Reports and Indexes

Today I read another article about the status of Idaho Real Estate that included a report from a person in the industry and their woes me story as well as an index. Admittedly, Build Idaho does reports but we tend to make it more academia.

Aug 12

Idaho Real Estate Update

This is probably the best news for the entire state this year. It will definitely affect Idaho Real Estate and New Construction.

Aug 11

A tightly sealed building envelope is key to building an energy-efficient home

The boundary between the conditioned, indoor living spaces and the unconditioned and outdoor spaces is referred to as the ?building envelope? and consists of the walls, floor, and ceiling or roof. An airtight building envelope contributes directly to the energy efficiency and comfort of a home.

Entries 11-20 of 1825
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