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Aug 11

Don't Cheapen your custom home by making poor finish selections

Many people spend a lot of money building a beautiful custom home and then ruin it at the end with cheap finish selections.

Aug 10

Comparing Boise Homes for Sale by Price per Square foot

Most Idaho home buyers want a price per square foot when looking at real estate. Why?

Aug 10

How much does it cost to build a home in Idaho?

This is a question seen frequently on forums regarding building new homes but the question is really about buying new homes and Idaho Real Estate

Aug 09

The Why of choosing a new home and the Builder

How to select a home builder is not easy but why to buy a new home from a builder is also difficult

Aug 09

Every Idaho Home Builder wants your business

Does your builder have a viable company? Viability of a builder company has become one of the most important factors of choosing a builder now.

Aug 09

Boise Parade of Homes- Get Your Home Entered Now!

Thinking of building a new home and want to get a better deal? Build your home with a builder and have it entered into the 2011 Boise Parade of Homes. Perks and spiffs may be available for your new home.

Aug 09

New Home Pet Peeves

Here are some things I have noticed about new homes that are very annoying

Aug 09

Ten Things you can do to save money on your new home

Check out these great ideas that will help reduce the cost of your home

Aug 03

Improved insulation increases energy-efficiency

Insulation is a key element in building a more comfortable and energy efficient home in Boise, Idaho or elsewhere.

Jul 30

Idaho Energy Star Home of the week- Week #2

This week's Energy Star Home is by 90 Degree Construction. Take a tour with Jason Pennington of John L Scott and learn more about the home builder- Mike LaRue.

Entries 21-30 of 1825
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