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Jul 27

Six Indicators that your Boise Idaho Real Estate Agent Is Lying

It's a nagging question that often pops up during a property hunt. Is your real estate agent lying to you? You may look him in the eye and ask straight-out if there are any other offers, or if the basement has ever flooded, or how long the house has been on the market. But how do you know if he's telling the truth?

Jul 23

Featured Idaho Energy Star Home of the Week-

Build Idaho presents it's first ENERGY STAR Home of the Week! This week it is HFS Homes. We are on site with Janice Stieger of Group One in Rivendell Estates.


Jul 22

Boise Fall Parade of Homes update

This years Fall Parade of Homes (Formerly known as Fall Collection) is the first three weekends in October.

Jul 19

Wha is the #1 element of a custom home?

While there are many features one can incorporate into a custom home, there is one that is subtle be vital to all fine homes.

Jul 18

Proper Use of the word Custom Home

This morning I was researching Middleton Idaho Real Estate and noticed that the word custom is used to describe many homes for sale that I was looking at. It made me wonder if that word is not over used?

Jul 18

Top 10 Reasons to buy a new home for sale vs an exisiting home

When you are buying a home, your decision is always about money and value, but there are some basic reasons to buy new that are not money oriented

Jul 17

How much experience does the builder you are considering have in Canyon County?

Researching Nampa Idaho area builders? Check their experience, it matters. A builder can tell you anything so you need to do your due diligence

Jul 17

Researching Boise Area Home Builders?

How much experience do they have. One aspect of credibility is overall experience. This does not count that the home builder was stacking would since they could walk or working in the family business. There is a big difference between being a Superintendent and owning a business.

Jul 17

Advanced framing techniques increase energy-efficiency

An effective building envelope - the first floor, exterior walls, and roof - is a key element for an energy-efficient home. Advanced framing techniques increase efficiency and comfort while decreasing costs.

Jul 14

Southern Idaho's Top Selling New Communities

The best is a relative conclusion so Build Idaho looks at how consumers spent their dollars.

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