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Dec 02

Take a home tour of a Boise Parade home.

Since 1995, John Flaherty has built hundreds of homes. This year, the Aspen River was featured in the Boise Parade of Homes. This 3,500 ft2 home has a beautiful kitchen, master bedroom with sitting room and balcony looking over The Shores and into the Boise Foothills.


Dec 02

What can you learn from the most successful subdivisions in Boise ID?

If you are looking for a new community ask your for a sales report of new homes across whatever area you are interested in. Then take a tour and see why people are buying in these communities. Every home you consider should be compared to these communities. Here is why-->

Nov 22

Idaho Real Estate :: Is now a good time to buy a home?

Christmas and winter are the slow season in real estate for sales. So on one hand, home builders may be more motivated to sell but on the other there is not a large supply of new homes in the market.

Nov 19

Boise Idaho Real Estate Report

Home Sales across Boise, ID Report

Nov 17

Top Southern Idaho Communities

Wondering where the majority of new homes are being built across Southern Idaho? Traditional media would have you believe that new construction companies are out of business. Build Idaho would argue that. There are still people from out of state moving in and families are still growing. Here is a look at which communities are most popular based on where the builders are building.


Nov 17

Building a home? Don't forget the amenities!!

Everyone thinks first about the bedrooms and bath but what about the home theater system, speakers in the garage and jetted tub?

Nov 13

Is your home a Trophy Home?

In today's Idaho Real Estate market, a home has to be a trophy home. Whether you are buying a home or building it, at today's prices, comparatively, you should be getting all the bells and whistles for that price level. Getting a great home now will help as the market rebounds in the coming years.But it all starts with the basics

Nov 09

Eagle Idaho Real Estate Report

View average home values in Eagle Idaho over the past year

Nov 08

Top 10 first-time-homebuyer mistakes

1. Not knowing what you can afford.

2. Skipping mortgage qualification.

3. Failing to consider additional expenses.

4. Being too picky.

5. Lacking vision.

6. Being swept away.
Minor upgrades and cosmetic fixes are inexpensive tricks that play on your emotions and elicit a much higher price. Sellers may pay $2,000 for minimal upgrades or staging that you'll end up paying $40,000 for.

7. Compromising on the important things.

8. Neglecting to inspect.

9. Not hiring your own agent or using the seller's agent.

10. Not thinking about the future.

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Nov 08

Idaho recognized as the #1 ENERGY STAR building state

Check out my interview with Mat Vandemeer of Momentum as he explains some of teh upcoming changes and updates as ENERGY STAR takes certified homes to the next level!

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