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May 30

2011 Canyon County Parade of Homes

Coming June 10th to June 26th 2011. Homes are from Middleton to Caldwell and Nampa, Idaho.

May 22

How to get the best Price per Square Foot on a new home

Your Idaho Builder can help you more than you may realize lower costs.


May 10

Boise Parade of Home Tours

See the Hottest Boise Home Show of the year without actually going?

May 07

Want to see what this year's Boise Parade Home Look Like?

We have collected several photo albums and have done several videos. Don't forget to vote for your favorite(s) Boise Parade home.

May 07

St. Jude's Dream Home in Boise Idaho- Update

This is Scott Flynn's second year to build a home to support St. Judes. This years Dream Home is in Lakemoor just south of Eagle Idaho

May 07

Sneak Peek at the Parade Home in Alpine Pointe

This was the first week for the Boise Parade of Homes. Here are two interviews with builders I did before the Parade of Homes started.

May 07

Alpine Pointe Development Update

Todd Amyx is the developer of Alpine Pointe and is getting ready to open the next phase

Apr 29

2011 Boise Parade of Home Awards

The Southwest Idaho Building Contractors Association gave awards at the annual Parade of Home Awards Banquet. Learn more about nest kitchens, interior design, exterior design, decorated and energy efficient Parade Homes

Apr 20

Boise Parade Home Sneek Peek

The Boise Parade of Homes starts soon but Build Idaho was out this week looking at some of the homes and how they are coming along. The Meridian Idaho Parade Homes in Alpine Pointe are not done yet but they are close.

Apr 20

What do some of the neighbors in Avimor have to say about their Community?

The Common theme is lifestyle tied to the wildlife at the trails at the Boise Foothills. Check out these community testimonials.

Apr 20

When Does the 2011 Boise Parade of Homes begin?

April 30th. With 40 brand new homes by 33 builders displaying the latest floorplans with interior and exterior designs.

Apr 20

Building a custom home?

Learn more about custom home construction in Eagle Idaho at The Shores with Paradigm Construction

Apr 17

20111 first quarter Nampa Idaho Home Values

Check out the latest historical perspective of home values across Canyon County. View chart of new compared to existing average sales prices in Nampa, Middleton, Parma, Melba , Wilder and Greenleaf Idaho.

Apr 12

Boise Idaho Home Values- 2005 to 1st Quarter 2011

Latest Idaho Real Estate Report on home value trends of new compared to existing average sales prices around Boise Idaho. The following charts dislay average sales price of new compared to existing home sales prices by quarter from the year 2005 to first quarter. Charts break down each area including Boise , Eagle, Meridian and Star Idaho Real Estate.


Apr 11

Boise Idaho Home Value Trends

Latest Idaho Real Estate Report on home value trends of new compared to existing average sales prices around Boise Idaho.

Apr 11

How to afford building a custom home?

Building a Boise custom home is an exciting journey. There are numerous decisions to make and you can make them with your builder to design something magnificent and a custom house that is your style. Of course, unless you have an unlimited budget costs can escalate rapidly. Here are a few tips to help control your costs in construction.

Apr 07

Idaho Real Estate Market Statistics

Check out the March Idaho Real Estate Market statistics for Eagle, Meridian and Boise.

Apr 06

Your Invitation to the Boise Idaho Parade of Homes

What would your new home look like if you were going to buy a new home or have something built? What upgrades and amenities would you include? Want some ideas? check out the 2011 Boise Show called the Parade of Homes.

Apr 02

2011 Parade of Homes in Boise Idaho- Who's Who

The Boise Parade of Homes begins April 30th. There are 40 homes by 33 of Ada Counties Leading Builders. Here is the official list of Homes and participating builders and communities across Boise, Meridian and Eagle ID.


Apr 01

How to select a home builder- the inside scoop

When researching builders in Boise Idaho remember no builder is perfect but you need to find one who strives to be. Also, although testimonials are the best source of information, seek those that not only just moved in buy also those that have lived in a home for a while. Also, find information about your builder from outside the industry.

Entries 1-20 of 1955
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