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Jan 24

Top Idaho Home Deals

You see this promoted everywhere. Is it really a good deal? Let's assume they are not lying but what is a good deal in Idaho Real Estate?

Jan 22

2011 Boise Idaho Parade of Homes start in 9 weeks

The 2011 Parade of homes will have 40 homes across Ada County including Eagle and Meridian from Treasure Valley's top builders

Jan 21

2010 Idaho Remodeler sof the Year

Although is a new construction website, We also realize you may love where you live. The Idaho Remodelers Associatiuon announced their Remodelers of the Year this week

Jan 21

What are the best subdivisions in Boise Idaho?

Where are these communities and why are they they best subdivisions in the Boise Idaho Real Estate market?

Jan 14

Who Built the most expensive homes in Idaho?

While we don't know the final costs of a home, we can research what the permit values submitted to the county were valued at.


Jan 13

How much does it cost to build a new home?

This is a popular question, it is what everyone wants to know. The short answer is that it costs less to build than to buy an existing home. If you understand that a builder would be out of business if it cost more to build than to buy, than you can understand why so many people buy new homes. Secondly, banks would not lend money to a home that was immediately upside down upon completion of construction. Now for the long answer


Jan 13

2010 Top Southern Idaho Builders

At the height of the market there were hundred of builders in Idaho building and meeting the demand for new homes. Today only the strongest have survived. These builders either have the financial strength to build or have developed a product that prospective home buyers actually want! Who are Southern Idaho's Top Producing Builders? Find out now

Jan 13

2010 Top Selling Boise Home Builders, by the numbers

The Who's Who list of Boise Home Builders. Based on production, not what they think.


Jan 03

Boise Idaho city statistics

Learn more about Boise Idaho as a statistical analysis.

Jan 03

The First 2011 Energy Star Featured Home of the week

It is a new year so this week we are featuring a new builder and new community. Chceck out Bill Davis Construction in Brittania Heights just across the Ada County line in north Nampa Idaho

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