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Jun 28

Have you ever wondered where all the new people in Boise Idaho are from?

Boise has had a large growth driven by in-migration of people from other states. At the peak of Boise Idaho Real Estate when sales were many and home values appreciation was strong Idaho saw major influxes of people. Today we continue to have a lot of new home buyers but who are they? Here is another insightful report from Build Idaho


Jun 24

Do you See what the Idaho Real Estate Market is doing?

So the quick summary about homes for sale and average sales prices shows that inventory is dropping and therefore home prices are increasing.


Jun 23

Build Idaho has a new Youtube Channel Design

Over the years we have interviewed many construction industry Idaho real estate Market professionals including builders and Realtors, produced many home tours as well as virtual tours plus a few promotional videos for the Parade of Homes.

Jun 23

Selecting a Home for Sale in Boise Idaho- Top Three Idaho Real Estate Search Suggestions.

So you are in the game. You have decided to buy a new home. So what should you do now?

Jun 22

Nampa Idaho Parade of Homes continues

The Nampa Idaho Parade of Homes continues through this weekend. Seven homes across Canyon County.

Jun 22

Another real reason to buy a new home: Energy Effectiveness.

Energy efficiency has become a priority in new home sales over the past a few years. A giant push for efficient construction of a home is due in part to the increased cost of home ownership from the price of the home to energy costs as well.

Jun 21

Make sure your Boise Idaho Real Estate Agent is working on your behalf

Many real estate agents are sales people, very few are consultants. They are looking for a paycheck today not to advise you to wait. They may guide you to great properties but probably towards Idaho MLS listings they want you to buy.

Jun 17

Eagle Idaho Real Estate and New Subdivisions

Head West 15 minutes from Boise on State Street and you will come to the town of Eagle Idaho.

Jun 16

Choosing a Boise Home Builder Tip

Many people use their gut to decide on a builder, while there is validity to this, it should not be the only nor most important factor in deciding on a builder.

Jun 15

Boise Real Estate and New Homes for Sale Update

Wow, after years of dismal reports about the local real estate market, it is getting warmer out there!

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