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Apr 02

2011 Parade of Homes in Boise Idaho- Who's Who

The Boise Parade of Homes begins April 30th. There are 40 homes by 33 of Ada Counties Leading Builders. Here is the official list of Homes and participating builders and communities across Boise, Meridian and Eagle ID.


Apr 01

How to select a home builder- the inside scoop

When researching builders in Boise Idaho remember no builder is perfect but you need to find one who strives to be. Also, although testimonials are the best source of information, seek those that not only just moved in buy also those that have lived in a home for a while. Also, find information about your builder from outside the industry.

Mar 24

Welcome me to Build Idaho

For years i have been watching this website grow and become and amazing resource. Today I join in the conversation.

Mar 18

2011 Boise Parade of Homes is coming soon

What would your new home look like if you were buying or building a new home? How would you layout the floor plan? What colors would you use? Would you add a home theater system?

Mar 13

Don't believe everything you read?? Especially, from an expert!

Whenever you read a report, you need to question the interpretation. To some extent, we can trust that the information is accurate but how the information is displayed or interpretted is what you should take with grain of sale. Idaho Real Estate Market cannot be summed up in a sentence or a single analysis. There are too many moving parts to dumb it down to one point.

Mar 10

Considering Coleman Homes? Learn more about this Boise Idaho Home Builder.

Coleman Homes is a family owned company with multiple communities conveniently located throughout the Treasure Valley. Quality construction, superior finishes and materials, plus desirable locations ? at an excellent price. Coleman Homes, real choices for better living.

Mar 09

VA Loans in Idaho

Purchasing a home shouldn't be a scary experience. It should be a pleasant one. With the help of an Idaho VA loan, military home buyers can finance their home with one of the friendliest programs to borrowers.


Mar 09

2011 Boise Idaho Parade of Homes

The 2011 Boise Parade of Homes starts in just 7 weeks and this weather may push some of the parade homes to the wire for completion.

Mar 03

What is not included in the price of a home?

It is easy to see what you are getting when you buy a home but you must go farther to truly understand the homes value. The problem is that in the current market many builders are looking for the lowest cost materials and products which may not change the way it looks but over time the performance will drop and the home will look like a eyesore.

Mar 02

Who is Tresidio Homes?

This is Boise Idaho's Biggest New Builder. This small company started at the bottom of the market and has been aggressively building homes as well as their reputation. Meet Boise Idaho next generation of home builders

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