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Jan 21

Stacy Construction Client Testimonidal

One of the best ways a builder can build their credibility is client testimonials. Being in business and building lots of homes shows experience but client satisfaction is the critical factor. Many Idaho Home builders build great homes but the #1 factor of selecting a builder is testimoials.

Jan 20

How many builders does it take to Build Boise Idaho?

Through the years many home builders have come and gone there are more builders than there were 15 years ago. The following graph charts how many different builder have pulled permits by year since 1996. In 2011 can saw fewer builders while Ada County saw an increase for the second year in a row.

Jan 20

Idaho New Construction sees fewer homes being built but the average permit value is rising.

Currently the Boise Idaho Real Estate Market is in flux. Wait, it is always in flux. Here is another perspective of what is going on with new homes that are under construction.

Jan 20

Boise Idaho History of Building New Homes Report

The best place to start with any perspective is in the begining. While many people are familiar with the last 6 years to 10 years of real estate and new construction, there is a record of home building in the Boise Idaho Metropolitan area since 1961. You can follow spikes in construction and building permits with major increases in employmnet like HP and Micron.

Jan 19

Getting the most out of your Wi-Fii.

Easy ways to make your Wi-Fi performance the best it can be.

Jan 17

Get Organized...Everywhere!

When people think of organization they usually think of file cabinets or book cases. While these are great places to get organized they just scrape the possibilities or organizing and simplifying...

Jan 13

Idaho New Homes for Sale- 2011 Sales by Idaho Builders

This Idaho Real Estate Report displays total sales by builder including price range and average sales price of new home built by the home builder.

Jan 12

Does your Idaho Home Builder have an identity crisis?

One consistent them Build Idaho mentions is credibility. Choosing a new home is a huge decision that squarely rests on your shoulders and selecting a great builder is key. While the best is a relative term because many times the home buyer does not know what is behind the walls but we can determine credibility of the home builder

Jan 11

Consider a Brick Built Home

Brick has numerous benefits including a hundred year life. Learn more about building your home with brick.

Jan 11

Where are the the most exclusive custom home builders in Idaho from?

We recently produced a report about the top Idaho Custom home builders based on permit values. Where do you think these builders are based out of for offices or their address?

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