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Sep 23

Boise Idaho Real Estate expected to pick up in the fall season according to Build Idaho

Many Idaho Real Estate Agents have been waiting for the kids to go back to school so the parents can go shopping for a house.

Sep 22 featured on Lender411

Check out the latest review of Build Idaho- The Official Guide to Homes in Boise!

Sep 22

Want to go Biking in the Boise Foothills at Avimor?

Here is a map and Guide so you can enjoy the Boise Foothills at Avimor. This area offers several abilities and a variety of trail lengths. Mountain Biking in Boise is a great past time and Hobby.

Sep 21

Boise City Foothills- Get to know them!

Above the City of Boise rises the Boise Foothills and while they do create a beautiful background fo the city, it is more beautiful when you get to know them. Exploring the foothills for wildlife or enjoying some recreational biking bring the foothills to life. An interconnected network of foot, mountain biking and horse trails curve through the hills linking neighborhoods with public lands but also connecting people with the natural environment. There are over 130 miles of trails that run from Northeast Boise to Boise County , there is something for everyone and most any ability.

Sep 18

Owning a home is 45% less expensive than Renting

In general, it is cheaper to own a home than rent. That's the broad finding of a recent report from real estate website.

Sep 18

Boise Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosure Sales Update for the Boise Idaho Real Estate Market. The video covers latest housing stats about how many says are distressed sales (foreclosures) and how many are equity sales (non-foreclosures). By Mike Turner- Boise Real Estate Agent with

Sep 14

Boise Idaho Short Sale and Short Story

Angela Mae of CORE Group Realty recently helped a client find a short sale who saw more in the home then was visible to others. Check out how the house went from 1930's home to brand new home with plenty of light and great finishes including a basement that is not drabby

Sep 13

Many new Home Building Companies in Boise Idaho

The Boise Idaho Real Estate market is strong and new construction is growing. You know what that means? Opportunistic builders are coming back.

Sep 12

The Estates at Corrente Bello in Eagle Idaho- a luxury community for custom Homes

Looking for Custom Homesites in a Luxury, upscale community in Eagle Idaho? Come Visit The Estates in Corrente Bello! See Video Tour!

Sep 11

4 critical tips on taking advantage of low rates and home prices

I believe we are seeing the sunset on the opportunities to purchase a really good deal on a home in this Boise Real Estate Market. Here are 4 recommendations to anyone wanting to take advantage of rates and home prices now.

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