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Nov 30

Avoid Foreclosure Schemes!!!

Core Group Realty wants you to know what to watch out for if your are in a distressed situation.

Nov 29

Who are Idaho's Energy Star Home Builders

Here is the list on Idaho's Power's website

Nov 26

Interesting numbers from NAR on homes sold!

The National Association of Realtors Reveals the Current Home Buyer Trends!


Nov 26

A Segment in the Boise Real Estate Market is Disappearing

Home Sales are up in all price ranges in Boise (Ada County). All prices ranges except homes priced below $120,000. The supply of homes priced under $120,000 is disappearing, which has lead to a sharp decrease in sales in this price range. WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT:

Nov 23

CORE Group Realty Welcomes One Of Their Newest Real Estate Agents!

Great New Addition to Core Group Realty - Lori Fenix-Murray!!!

Nov 21

2012 Boise Idaho Remodeler Awards

On November 15, 2012 NARI of Idaho announced their annual Idaho Remodeler award winners which recognize those in the remodeling industry in Idaho that have served with excellence. Awards included recognition of suppliers/vendors, trade contractors and remodelers.

Nov 19

Nov 19

"You Live in What??" asks Core Group Realty

It seems like there are so many shows on TV featuring amazing, unique homes. You can find houses shaped like a sea shell, a shoe or even a guitar. There are even homes being built using shipping containers!

Nov 18

Boise Idaho Real Estate Buzz: New Construction

This week Kerri O'Hara report of how new construction is doing and why. Not finding what you want for sale on the market today? Go talk to a builder!

Nov 18

Boise Idaho Real Estate Report for October 2012

New home sales are on the rise in the Boise real estate market. In fact, according to the chart in this article, almost every month this year has outperformed the previous two years of Boise Real Estate. There's only one exception; June 2010 posted 69 new home sales. The fall of 2012 has seen approximately double the sales from a year ago and in some cases more than triple from 3 years ago.

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-10 of 2456
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