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Dec 10 predicts 66% growth in building permits in 2012 for Boise, ID.

Boise Idaho's leading authority on new construction has been tracking building permits for 7 years and expects Boise Home Builders to pull over 2 thousand permits this year.

Dec 07

Should you wait to Sell?

Take these facts into mind before you make your decision.

Dec 06

It's time to buy a rental property or two!!!

With the rise in the market, Time may be running short for rental purchases!

Dec 05

Build Idaho now selling Boise Idaho Aerial Maps

Aerial maps make for an amazing feature piece and resource. They draw people in and create conversations whether they are trying to find a place or just intrigued by the perspective an aerial map provides. Professionals use mapss as a display for business clients for example real estate, developer, law firm or other service where making a good impression and having the best resources is vital. Retail stores use them as a spectacular center piece that draw people and create discussions that keep people in the store.


Dec 04

Meridian Idaho Home Values Report

Meridian Idaho is considered the center of Treasure Valley and offers some of the most diverse housing from fourplexes to custom homes in luxury communities. This would also indicate that Meridian has the most diverse income levels of the valley population. As these charts indicate, Meridian home values has large peaks and valleys. Home Values in Meridian are on the rise and with diverse new communities and an array of existing home for sale, Meridian real estate is very active.

Dec 04

Eagle Idaho Home Values Chart

Although the Idaho real estate collapse started in the first quarter of 2006, Eagle home values continued to rise into 2008. As displayed in this chart, home values declined for 2 years and started ti increase since 2011. Eagle, Idaho is considered one of the premiere zip codes and as long Boise grows and Eagle is considered luxury homes, home values should remain higher than other MLS Areas. Also, if economic growth continues home values should rise. While Eagle, ID has much land to be developed to the west, the core area is mostly developed.


Dec 03

What is this weeks Real Estate Buzz?

Kerri O'Hara talks to Debbie Smith. CORE Group Realty is now representing Thompson Homes who has been building custom homes in Boise, Eagle and Meridian since 1969.

Dec 03

Should you Rent or Buy in today's market?

Low mortgage rates and rising rent in many cities are making it a better time for you to buy a home.


Nov 30

Avoid Foreclosure Schemes!!!

Core Group Realty wants you to know what to watch out for if your are in a distressed situation.

Nov 29

Who are Idaho's Energy Star Home Builders

Here is the list on Idaho's Power's website

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