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Sep 28

Boise Idaho Fall Parade Home Map now ready!

The Fall Parade Home Tour in Boise Idaho does not star for another week but check out our very cool interactive map. We have many pictures to add but this is a great preview of where the homes will be.

Sep 28

2012 Boise Idaho Fall Parade of Homes

The fall home show featuring 34 brand new homes starts next weekend. Here is the first look at who the home builders and participating subdivisions include.

Sep 27

How Many Californians Have Come to Idaho?

The Gem State is one of the top destinations for Californians leaving their state, according to a new report.


Sep 27

Avimor works with The Catalyst Group and Stacy Bahrenfuss of Keller Williams

Meet Stacy Bahrenfuss of the Catalyst Group reviews the latest home sales activity

Sep 26

2012 Boise Idaho Fall Parade of homes start in 10 days

Get ready to see 34 brand new homes by the area's leading builders. There are 28 Boise Idaho builders participating

Sep 26

HELP FOR IDAHO HOMEOWNERS: Over 12,000 Foreclosed Homeowners Schedule to Receive Settlement Payments in 2013

On Monday, Sept. 24, 2012, the Idaho Attorney Generals office mailed out over 2,600 payment applications to Idahoans eligible to receive compensation from the recent National Mortgage Settlement. Over 12,000 Idahoans qualify, with the remaining payment application packets scheduled to be mailed out over the next two weeks.


Sep 26

Home Buying Advice

Buying a house is a big decision and one that you will not make too many times. When you do buy a home for sale, make sure that you do make each decision count.

Sep 24

Eagle Idaho Building Lots

Ready to build a custom home or live Idaho's premier zip code? Learn more about building lots in Eagle!

Sep 23

Boise Idaho Real Estate expected to pick up in the fall season according to Build Idaho

Many Idaho Real Estate Agents have been waiting for the kids to go back to school so the parents can go shopping for a house.

Sep 22

BuildIdaho.com featured on Lender411

Check out the latest review of Build Idaho- The Official Guide to Homes in Boise!

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