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Mar 16

Boise Idaho Building Lots for Sale

Boise Lot sizes and Price updates. Are lot prices still too high?

Mar 13

Flynner Homes Progress on Idaho?s First NAHB Certified Green Home!

Follow the construction process as Flynner Homes? builds their first of many certified green homes.

Mar 13

Five Factors Of Credit Scoring -- Payment History

35% of your credit score is calculated by payment history...the largest percentage in your credit report.

Mar 13

Buy a home in Garden Valley, Idaho or build a new home?

Reasonable question but what are your choices really? Idaho real estate has never looked so good.

Mar 11

Bathroom & Kitchen Design Tips

Real Design advise for the Kitchen and Bathroom. With a bit of design guidance you can do your kitchen and bathroom yourself. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Mar 10

habitat for Humanity Boise awarded LEED H platnum!!!

well the verdict is out, if they can do it anyone can!! this was a great project and what a benefit to the homeowners. I believe ( I could be wrong) that this is the first Habitat home certified at this level! the national organization has comitted to build under the LEED H program, but this was the first for the local chapter, and I believe the first to be certified in the state!!

Mar 10

How do you find new communities? Use the new color coded tables.

New communities in Boise updated and divided into new tables- Townhomes & Condominiums, Entry Level Subs, Move-Up, Upgrade, Executive subs and Affluent Communities. Also adding new column- lot prices. Lot prices, why didn't I think of that a while back.

Mar 10

Survival Luncheon for the Boise Real Estate community

In the spirit of looking forward Ted Mason invites you to lunch

Mar 10

How has the new Stimulus bill affected the tax credits for energy efficient home improvements?

On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed a stimulus bill (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) that made some significant changes to the energy efficiency tax credits.

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