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Mar 04

Boise North End Remodel

Take a video tour of this Boise home under construction.

Mar 04

Boise title company produces video to convince people now is the time to buy a home. Really?

It seems the thing to do lately is convince others that now is the time to buy Idaho real estate based on numbers. Yet, it does not work? Here is why

Mar 03

Mar 03

Hardware for your Home: What you NEED to know

Hardware is a Specialty product. Here is what you need to know, to make the best choice.

Mar 02

Mar 02

Are you paying too much for rent?

New site compares rent prices of Boise apartments? Are you sure you got a good deal on that Boise rental?

Mar 01

What do the kids want in a new home?

Getting the kids to buy in is important as well. If they are excited, the spouses will have a smoother transition!


Feb 26

What Boise Valley Home Builder has the best company name?

I was reviewing permits and found a name I was unfamiliar with. Are they brilliant marketers or just simple.

Feb 23

LEED Gold certified home Hailey idaho-Varification by On Point llc-Ritzau / Harned residence

Great news another LEED H gold home certified in Hailey Idaho. The home has been featured in several magazines already, but just recieved the certification last week. This home is unique in several fasions, and was actually the homeowners goal to build the home and get LEED H certification. This home will also be featured for its inovative sewer system....

Feb 22

Green buliding for the nations homes

I just had to comment on the NAHB green building program. saying that it will take over the LEED H Green Buidling Program by the USGBC is a comment that really does not need to be made. Comments like this are what can lead to limiting progress instead of increasing it, we can really exist together, and they are two really different programs with two differnt markets.....NAHB had to define green building to its builder members before it was defined for them-this is all good, but two really different programs with different goals...

2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1296-1305 of 2605
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