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Jan 27

Eagle Idaho Luxury Waterfront Home for Sale

Check out this home in The Shores. We call it a large slive of 'Deliciousness!'


Jan 26

Four Things most People Never consider when buying a home

Buying a home is the biggest decision most of us will ever make. It should not be taken lightly and nor should the people helping you!


Jan 26

Top Boise Idaho Real Estate Agents

Build Idaho is  more than just a great local real estate website. We help home buyers and sellers with the best resources including services.


Jan 20

Top Custom Home Builders- January 2016

Review out result of the latest survey of building permits and who is building the most expensive custom homes in Boise, Idaho.


Jan 20

January 2016 Best Selling New Community Sales Report

Learn what subdivsiions sell the most homes across the Boise Valley.


Jan 19

Reaching New Heights

5 was a vast improvement as you can see from the infographics at the top. While Build Idaho is not in the business of economic forecasts, there does not seem to be a reason for 2016 to slow down. As a matter of fact we are already seeing home buyers requesting more information now than last year, and yes, California keeps calling.


Jan 08

2015 Top 100 Builders

Wondering who build the most homes in Southern Idaho? Here is the list. If we


Jan 06

Boise's Real Estate Headquarters for 2016

2016 rolls in and already we are seeing home buyers getting serious.


Dec 22

Top Custom Home Builders December 2015 Report

Each month, Build Idhao, reviews permits to see who is building the most expensive homes in the local area. Here are December 2015 reslults.


Dec 16

They Keep Coming....

The demand for new homes in Boise remained strong throughout the year. The best thing for developers and builders was that all market segments and price points had interest from buyers. Here at Build Idaho headquarters we consistently receive inquiries from  buyers who are from out of state and they seem to normally talk about retiring here. They all want different things though. Some want acreage a little further out. Others are interested in basing themselves in Boise but plan to travel and looking for something in the low maintenance lifestyle category. Others are interested in high caliber homes with all the bells and whistles.


Entries 41-50 of 2867
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