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Jul 30

What is really important to home buyers?

Everyday people are shopping for homes in the Boise area but what are they shopping for? Everyone is different has has different value requirements.


Jul 26

The Search for Sacred Views

We have a variety of views across the valley: Foothills (looking at them or from them), Rivers, Desert, Lakes, Mountains, or Panoramic views from elevated homesites. What is your preference


Jul 26

Touring Homes in 100 degree Boise weather

Some people may be thinking that it is to hot to tour homes but really, now is when the home's performance really shows.


Jul 25

Where do you start to Build a Custom Home?

One quesiton we get quite frequently from people interested in building a custom home because they cannot find what they want is about building a house. Loaded question. Unfortunately in this market, meaning the market is very active and builders are selling, there are lots of variables.


Jul 23

Who builds the biggest and most expensive homes in Boise, ID?

Who does not want to know who the biggest builders are? Would you like to know who is building some of the most expensive homes in hte area? Each month Build Idaho reviews builder and new construction activity. Check out our July 2016 report.


Jul 23

Best Selling Subdivisions in the Boise Area for June 2016

Each monsth Build Idaho reviews what are the most popular subdivision across Treasure Valley. This real estate report includes average sales price and price per square foot.


Jul 23

Boise Idaho Real Estate Update July 2016

Each month Build Idaho reviews the Boise real estate market. July 2016 saw a deceleration in building permits but home sales remain strong.


Jul 20

What Communties sell the most New Homes in Greater Boise?

Read the July 2015 Report on New Home Sales


Jul 18

You just gotta love Boise, ID!

On the way to work this morning, I had the radio on listening to the news, which I advise not to do anyway. But as discouraging as the news can be sometimes, I think, thank goodness I live in Boise! The rest of the world has gone mad?


Jul 18

Hazelwood Village Community Tour

In this community tour we take a closer look at Hazelwood Village in SW Boise.


2020 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blogs - Entries 1-10 of 2880
1 2 3 4 5 ... 288 | Next


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