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Dec 16

Things to Do in Boise With Out-of-Town Guests this Holiday Season

There are too many things to list off to do during the holidays right here in Boise and nearby so here are some of my favorites.


Dec 14

Do I need a real estate agent?

Honestly, yes! It may be easy to find a home on the internet these days, but it’s not easy to understand all the nuances to purchasing a house.


Dec 14

What is important in your home search? Maybe a community Pool?

Many people want a pool in their back yard but most agree they do not want the hastle of cleaning, balancing chemicals and other maintenance issues. It is also expensive over time.


Dec 14

How much money you could make in equity in your home over the last 7 years?

Check out some of our latest charts on the Boise real estate area market and home appreciation.


Dec 13

Move-In Checklist

Here is a step by step guide to moving into your new home.


Dec 12

House or Home?

Searching for 3 Bedroom and 2 baths for 'X' dollars is easy but that is not how you really find a place to call home.


Dec 07

So you want to negotiate the price of the home you love?

Check out the latest analytics of how demand is driving the Boise real estate market in New Construction Homes.


Dec 03

Boise Best Realtors

Finding the best Idaho real estate agent for you is easy? You will know when you meet them after you ask the right questions.


Dec 01

Boise Home Buyer and Seller Tools

Check out other resources for doing your own due diligence.A great list of resources including links.


Nov 28

Why it is so important that your home is "Show Ready" when selling

Most people think it just needs to look good enough so it will sell but there is so much more to why is needs to be "Pinterest Worthy!"


Entries 11-20 of 3054
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