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Nov 26

Idaho's overall taxes rank 48th nationwide

The Spokesman-Review reported this week that the annual Tax Burden Study ranks Idaho 48th among the 50 states.


Nov 26

Current Ada County Final Plat Submittals in 2017

Check out some of the communities preparing to hit the Idaho real estate market in 2018. Notice the submittal activity the second half of 2017!


Nov 26

I missed you Boise

Nothing like visiting other places to make you appreciate home.


Nov 16

New Home Warranties

Most items on and in your new home are covered for the first year against defects due to workmanship and materials. Here is some information that is fairly standard in the local market regarding what is covered. Consult your builder for their exact policies and procedures.


Nov 14

88 Types of Turbulence that may happen in your real estate transaction

Here is a list of things that might go wrong during your real estate transaction. It is not a complete list but things that could happen as you go to the closing of your property. Closing is the most important event of any transaction. It is the execution of the exchange of property and money!


Nov 07

Holidays are one of the best times to Negotiate!

If you are thinking about buying a home, get started now and maybe you can actually help someone to have a better christmas!


Nov 04

Learn more about Boise

Want to learn more about Boise but reading is not your thing? We got you covered...


Oct 31

Road Trip: Hells Canyon

So last week, Monica and I took a Day Trip to enjoy some of the amazing Fall colors. Our destination was Halfway, Oregon following the Snake River from Huntington Oregon. Here is a little bit about our adventure.


Oct 26

Best Fun Facts about Boise and Idaho

Things You Probably Didn't Know About Boise .... What's your favorite fun Boise fact?


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