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Jan 30

What are the Best Communities in Eagle, Idaho?

Take a peak at the BEST SELLING, TOP LUXURY and MOST AFFORDABLE Communities in Eagle for new homes.


Jan 30

2018 Best Selling Communities in Garden City

Many remember when Garden City was not the ideal place to live with run down neighborhooods and not family friendly atmosphere. Nowadays, everyone wants too live in Garaden City with immedite access to the greenbelt, vibrant communities and all sorts of cool place to eat and drink at!


Jan 30

Boise Home Value Trends- a look at what has happened up until now

How have home values changed over the last 12 years? Build Idaho's charts track average sold price of new and existing home prices across the Treasure Valley by quarter since 2005!


Jan 27

2018's Top Communities in West Boise

Learn more about the BEST SELLING, TOP LUXURY and MOST AFFORDABLE NEW Communities. Review total new home sales and comprehensive pricing analysis.


Jan 26

How much snow does Boise Idaho get?

This year we have not had one good storm that left anything on the valley floor worth noting!


Jan 26

What were the 'Best' Communities in Southwest Boise?

Check out Build Idaho's annual report outlining the BEST SELLING, TOP LUXURY and MOST AFFORDABLE COMMUNITIES in SW Boise in the year 2018. Our report not only ranks communites but provide a home pricing and sales summary.  Also, follow links to view current availability of homes for sale in each community.


Jan 24

Price per Square Foot Comparison

Idaho Real Estate Agents and Home Buyers often review and compare price per sq. ft. as the most valid way to determine a home’s value. While this is one great mathematical tool to evaluate the price of a home, make sure you are comparing similar 'apples'. There is much more to determining value than the price per square foot especially if the homes are different! It is like comparing Steak to Hamburger. Both are beef, right?


Jan 24

As if California was not already in Love with Idaho, now this!

This One Region In Idaho Was Just Named "A Top Destination To Visit In 2019" by the LA Times.


Jan 22

2019 Top Central Boise NEW Subdivisions

Learn more about the BEST Selling, TOP Luxury and MOST Affordable New Communities in Southest and Bench areas.


Jan 21


How much do you know about getting a Home Loan in Idaho?  Check your knowledge below!  This morning, the lovely Jill Catano, Lending Ninja with Paramount Residential Mortgage Group met with our team and tested our knowledge about some important mortgage facts for 2019.


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