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Mar 29

Finding New Ways to Declutter Your Own Home

Sometimes, it’s difficult to identify what, exactly, is making you feel stressed. Knowing why you’re stressed gives you an objective, something tangible you can correct. There are the usual factors that most of us identify with stress: work, money, family, weight, etc. However, the reason is sometimes closer, something that surrounds you every day but gets taken for granted. If your home has ceased to be a refuge, and if you feel anxious instead of rested in your own house, you could be suffering the emotional effects of clutter.


Mar 29

What is the best area to live in Boise Idaho?

This is one of the first questions asked by people who are relocating to the area.


Mar 25

New Luxury Home now available in Legacy

You gotta check out the latest creation by Superior Custom Homes.


Mar 21

Custom Home for Sale in Henry's Fork Subdivision of Eagle Idaho.

Who is looking for a home in Eagle on large lot?

Immaculate custom built home in Henry's Fork featuring 5  Bedrooms, 3½ Baths, 3,411 Square Feet, 3 Garage Bays on  0.52 acres.


Mar 15

The Right Home Needs the Right Offer

The spring home buying season is already under way so making the rigth offer when multiple offers are being written is critical.


Mar 07

Middleton New Construction Communities Update- March 2019

We recently updated the Middleton Idaho database and wanted to share the results


Mar 06

Cost of Waiting to Buy a Home in Idaho

Are you trying to time the market so that you pay less for a home? Here is a chart that tracks how much you will spend to wait and time the market and pay less for the home you want.


Feb 25

Boise Idaho National Accolades in 2018

We have been tracking Top Ten Lists that Boise makes since 2005. Here is a review of just which lists Boise made in the last 12 months.


Feb 24

Best Places to Live in Boise, Idaho

Where should I live near Boise? So many choices and you can only choose one.


Feb 24

The Acceptance of Home Value Inaccuracy

What is any home in Boise worth right now? It’s generally worth “market value”, defined loosely as the highest price a buyer would pay in a competitive market. This assumes neither buyer nor seller are under any undue stress or duress external to the transaction itself. Undue stress would include something like the buyer and seller are related.


Entries 1-10 of 3277
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