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Feb 08

There are many types of Boise homes for sale. Foreclosure is a type of Idaho real estate that many people talk about but not every body understands exactly what it is and what happens. Learn more about Foreclosures in this short video.

Feb 06

Boise Short Sales. What is a real estate short sale? A short sale is the type of distressed property where the homeowners have a mortgage(s) that is more than the value of the home in today?s market. The sellers have to ask permission from the bank to sell the property and to forgive the difference.

May 11

Take a parade home video tour with Eric Evans

Feb 08

Floor Plans and Elevations.While location is important, Design is everything! Choose both wisely.

Sep 28

The Better Business Bureau announces the nominees for 2007 Integrity Counts! business honors awards. Vendors, customers, employees and members of the community nominated businesses for their integrity and ethics. Here are some in the members that received nominations.

Entries 61-65 of 66
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