2022 Boise Idaho Real Estate Blog

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Sep 28

Boise is growing and seeing more large homes in the higher end communities. Here is a look at recentl activity looking at what communities offer custom homes and who is building in them.

Jul 23

Who does not want to know who the biggest builders are? Would you like to know who is building some of the most expensive homes in hte area? Each month Build Idaho reviews builder and new construction activity. Check out our July 2016 report.

Mar 22

Who builds the most expensive homes in the Boise and Eagle Ares?

Feb 22

A comprehensive review of who build custom homes in the Boise/ Eagle and Meridian Idaho areas.

Jan 20

Review out result of the latest survey of building permits and who is building the most expensive custom homes in Boise, Idaho.

Nov 03

Most industry professionals including Boise Real Estate Agents and Home Builders have noticed a growing trend in people's home buying choice and Lifestyle.

Entries 1-6 of 6

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