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Jan 16

It is estimated that 4 out of 5 credit reports contain errors. Do you know if your credit report is accurate?

Jan 09

When it comes to your consumer credit profile and errors that are reporting, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Jan 02

I am dedicating my blog to credit scoring in 2009. The mortgage meltdown has dramatically increased the minimum credit requirements needed for a conforming conventional mortgage. Understanding how to achieve AND keep the best credit scores now is paramount.

Dec 16

We have been building up to this economic crisis for some time now. Until we finally change our ways as a consuming nation...we will be destined to have the same problems we have now over and over and over and over and...

Oct 09

President Bush signed the Financial Rescue Plan into law on Friday, October 3rd. I'll review some of the components that relate to the housing and mortgage market.

Sep 12

When the U.S. Treasury placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in conservatorship on Sunday, September 7, taxpayers essentially became shareholders in the compaines. So...what does this mean going forward?

Aug 18

HR 3221 makes some big changes to the way the mortgage industry works and operates. I have summarized some of the main changes and provisions in this blog.

Jul 30

So, President Bush withdrew his veto threat, and signed the housing bill into law early this morning. Outside of the politics that he is playing with the Democratic controlled Congress (interesting in and of itself), let's review what the bill provides.

Jul 02

Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer. You need to understand how Private Mortgage Insurance companies view our area...your LTV on your mortgage depends on it!

Jun 10

SCENARIO -- You are upside down in your current home's mortgage, and are considering trying to "short sell" your home to avoid foreclosure. Think again!

May 08

Waiting for the bottom line in the housing market could be a mistake. Read on to see why.

Apr 21

Did you know that the Federal Reserve DOES NOT set the rate most borrowers get on their mortgages? Stop being misled by the media; read on to see how rates really are set, and what makes rates move!

Apr 09

Even if you pay your bills on time each month, there are several things you may be doing that can hurt your credit score. Don't make these mistakes!

Mar 28

It is not only the mortgage broker who is taking heat and getting hurt these days as we watch the sub-prime housing crisis unfolding before our eyes.

Mar 20

What would you do if you lost your job? Had a major medical expense come up? Your home's equity is one of your best lines of defense!

Mar 18

The Federal Reserve cut rates today for the sixth straight time since September. So, what does this mean to mortgage rates?

Mar 06

Who really makes the decisions on mortgage programs and availability of credit for most mortgages? Will 100% purchase financing go away? Read on to learn more!

Feb 14

Most people know that the mortgage interest they pay on the mortgage they used to purchase their home is tax deductible. Some people also DON'T KNOW about this tax deductions!

Feb 05

So, you mean it is harder to get a mortgage now than two years ago? ;-)

Jan 21

Good credit scores have just become even more important to getting a competitive interest rate on your next mortgage.

Entries 41-60 of 76
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