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Jan 08

With homes currently selling at a much slower pace than in recent years, many homeowners have relegated themselves to just waiting on the market to change. Perhaps a re-model of their existing home should be considered?

Nov 26

A friend of mine recently shared her identity theft scare with me. Her bank notified her of several attempted purchases in Ethiopia and a renters insurance premium charge that was applied to her debit card in Nevada. She didn't lose any money and the credit card company didn't approve the charges. Nevertheless, she was scared! She encouraged me to notify my clients about identity theft and how it can happen to ANYONE and ANYWHERE...even here in little Nampa, Idaho. What can you do to limit your risk? Here are some self-defense strategies for you to consider...

Oct 31

Today the Fed announced its second consecutive decrease in rates, cutting another 0.25% from the Fed Funds Rate. This change could directly impact millions of American borrowers.

Oct 24

Gone are the times where mortgage lenders handed out loans to home buyers with no proof of income and no money down. Lending standards have tightened substantially, making it more difficult to obtain mortgages at reasonable rates. What you need to know about this market...

Oct 15

This is the last article in a four part series on credit scoring.

Oct 01

This is the third article in a four part series on credit scoring. Today, we will address challenges and barriers that may exist in a person's credit profile that is limiting them from raising their credit score up to those top tiers with the best rates and terms.

Sep 24

This is the second article in a four part series on credit scoring. Most consumers know that if they pay their bills on time, then that is good for their credit score. What most consumers DO NOT know is that paying bills on time accounts for ONLY 35% of their entire credit score! Where does the rest of your credit score come from?

Sep 17

This is the first in a four part series on credit scoring. With the recent sub-prime mortgage fallout and credit crisis we are experiencing, your credit score now is more important than it has ever been! These blog entries will explain to you what you need to know to make sure your credit situation is in top shape.

Aug 27

In this challenging mortgage market, homeowners need to be careful to compare loan programs correctly. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a tool that consumers can use as a starting point to compare loan programs...as long as it is used appropriately. Read on to learn how!

Jul 30

Fixed? Variable? ARM or Negative Amortization? Or Interest Only? With so many mortgage products available for homeowners, it can get overwhelming very quickly when deciding on the correct product that fits your needs. Here are some things to consider.

Jul 23

Waiting for the government to cut interest rates so you can lock into lower mortgage rates is a bad idea. First, the Fed is unlikely to lower rates this year. Second, it wouldn't matter even if they did.

Jul 16

So what if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates! Sure, it makes the cost of borrowing on your credit cards and home equity line of credit more expensive. However, did you know that the Prime Rate has very little to do with the mortgage rate that you will get approved for on your next mortgage? Read on to see what really sets that mortgage rate!

Jul 05

Do you have a home for sale that just isn't selling? Or are you in an ARM that just started adjusting, and the higher 30-year fixed rate isn't the right program for you? If so, then perhaps some strategic financing is in order for you!

Jun 12

The Bond & Home Loan Markets Are In Turmoil. Is Your Financial Future Secure?

May 08

So, what the heck goes into determining the value on a home appraisal? Maybe you're thinking to yourself, "Why didn't those new cabinets I installed add any value to my home?" Well, look no further...your answers are waiting here!

Mar 07

Some would say too many, but one is really sticking out. This may seem like we are promoting a member, which we are, but this company really exemplifies what great service is about.

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